Babies & Tinies Ballet/Jazz & Tiny Tappers

Age: 2-4 Years

This is an introductory class for toddlers to pre-schoolers, focusing on teaching the joy of music and dancing. Ballet is wonderful for posture, and teaches soft graceful movements.

Jazz will get them bouncing, learning rhythm and co-ordination. A fun and active class.

TINY TAPPERS will be additional class for 3-4yrs; teaching basic fun rhythms and tap technique.

Tiny Tumblers Acro/Jazz

Age: 2-4 Years

Fun class focusing on flexibility, and basic acrobatic work, incorporating the jazz genre. Strengthen and trust work will be beneficial for youngers students progressing later into acrobatic class. Lots of play based activities to develop muscles and co-ordination.

Graded Ballet

Age: 5 Years & Up

Ballet is the basis of all forms of dance. Ballet teaches your child grace, poise, technique, musicality and self discipline. Ballet is the basis of all styles and children should be encouraged to try ballet to help strengthen their other styles. Senior classes incorporate Pointe work, pre-pointe work and assessment will be compulsory.

Examinations are offered only in graded classes but not compulsory.

Graded Jazz

Age: 5 Years & Up

Learn rhythm, co-ordination, musicality and self discipline in a class of fun and high energy.

Examinations only offered in graded modern classes but not compulsory.

Graded Stage Style Tap

Age: 5 Years & Up

The most rhythmic of all the styles, tap teaches students accent, technique and an inner sense of timing and rhythm.

Examinations offered in graded classes

Open Ballet

Age: 8 Years & Up

This is a free movement class with no set exercises or examinations. This class is to allow those students whom wish to participate in ballet for fun. Children will still learn correct technique and posture but with less strictness. Genres taught will be Lyrical and Contemporary.

(No Exams)

Open Jazz

Age: 8 Years & Up

This is a free movement class with no set exercises or examinations. This class is to allow those students whom wish to participate in jazz for fun. Children will learn rhythm, co-ordination, musicality and self discipline in a class of fun and high energy as well as learn more flexibility stretches, turns and leaps. Routines taught will be Up-tempo Jazz and Novelty (this is dance incorporating acting or interpreting music in a fun manner) or Cabaret (for older students).

(No Exams)


Age: 4 Years & Up

Acrobatics is the discipline of tumbling, balancing and contortion. It teaches balance, strength, flexibility and courage; and is a skill requiring technique, judgement and concentration. Syllabus work and technique from the Acrobatic Arts; Pre-juniors 4-8yrs, Juniors 8-12yrs, Seniors 12+yrs.

Hip Hop

Age: 4 Years & Up

It is unique and different to all other styles. Students will learn to move and manipulate their bodies to dance like the backup dancers seen in music video clips. Taught in 4 age groups Pre-Juniors 4-8yrs, Juniors 8-12yrs and Seniors 13yrs and over.

Plus ALL BOYS HIP HOP CLASS Juniors 6-13yrs; will be taken by male teacher (to be confirmed)

Adult Class

Different styles will be covered each week from Ballet incorporating yoga and pilates, Tap, Jazz incorporating stretch. Kicks and leaps, and Hip Hop incorporating cardio and strength workout (with a PT). Shoes are not necessary except for Tap class. PAY AS YOU GO will be allowed for this class or pay in bulk for a discounted amount.

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