Unlimited Moves has been established since 1996 and has always been a fun and family based school.

Jemika Rich has been teaching dance at Unlimited Moves for 18 years. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her studio, her classes and most importantly her dance students, who come number one at all times.
Registered teacher of British Ballet Organization for 15yrs, recently Certified Acrobatic Arts teacher.

Jemika comes from a large family of 7 siblings and has a family of her own with two children. Jemika’s caring, understanding and compassionate nature for her students comes from her experience in her own personal life and her years of dance teaching. This can be seen through how she teaches, interacts and builds friendly yet respecting relationships with her students.

Her friendly nature and good sense of humour is what makes classes at Unlimited Moves the most enjoyable. You will always feel welcomed by Jemika and her compassion and love for dance is of the highest caliber. You won’t find a more loved teacher on the Sunshine Coast!

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